Jean Cantey Segal

EVP and Chief Learning Officer

Denver, CO


Jean Cantey Segal provides strategic leadership, management and oversight to an experienced consulting team that delivers expert advisory and facilitation, executive coaching and innovative learning solutions to leaders and boards of directors.

Jean is an accomplished, respected, and energetic leader with more than 30 years in corporate learning and financial services. Prior to joining FCCS, she served as the managing director of knowledge and learning for the Financial Planning Association, the managing director of the Centrix Institute at Centrix Financial, and the director of organizational development for Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

While with FCCS, Jean has applied her innovative mindset and led the development of the Accelerate Center, the Center for Growth and Success, aimed at bringing creative, experiential learning solutions to address the new world of work and support leaders across their leadership journeys. She is leading a transformation to employ leading-edge technologies in FCCS learning solutions to enhance programs and enable effective, engaging remote delivery options.

Throughout her career, Jean has been a culture influencer with the ability to orchestrate shared values across employees, customers and strategic partnerships. She understands the power of strong relationships and collaboration for individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their vision and accomplish their goals, and knows that demonstrating respect for the unique contributions of others is key to achieving success. Clients experience Jean as a solutions-oriented change leader and trusted strategic advisor.

Jean earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Tennessee.

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