Developing Your Leaders To Better Your Organization

Today’s directors face a unique set of challenges and opportunities on behalf of the organizations they govern. Our board development programs help raise the level of board performance and enable individual directors to serve with substance and significance.

Our Governance Series connects directors with subject matter experts and peers. Instructors are carefully selected for their ability to provide fresh information and thinking and relevancy in their subject matter. FCCS educates each instructor on the nuances of the specific Governance Series group’s needs.

Advanced Governance Series

Developed solely for co-ops, our Advanced Governance Series (AGS) merges timely, content-rich courses and dynamic collegial interaction. Focus is given to the complexities of governance today and fiduciary responsibilities directors face. The result is a proven path to higher board performance and greater confidence for directors seeking substance and significance.

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Premier Governance Series

Directors of Farm Credit boards face complex challenges—from mergers and technology decisions to economic, commodity, political and global volatility. Specifically designed for Farm Credit System directors, the Premier Governance Series (PGS) helps heighten board performance and individual competence by connecting directors with subject matter experts and peers sharing their perspective.

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For more information on the Advanced/Premier Governance Series or any of the FCCS Governance Programs and Services, contact Leslie Hilton, VP, Board Governance and Development.

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