Boards today need proven, thoughtful mechanisms for evaluating and raising their effectiveness in carrying out their responsibilities. FCCS continues to bring the expertise and experience boards need through our proven Board and Peer Evaluation tools and support.

Board Evaluation

The Board Evaluation allows all board members to voice views and opinions about the Board’s effectiveness, surface new ideas and create a platform for rich dialogue that will continue to build board effectiveness to meet the challenges and opportunities for today’s business environment.

FCCS offers a variety of tested, proprietary Board evaluation and reporting choices to meet each Board’s needs. The choices are offered in four Tiers that range from a quick, standard overview to comprehensive and well-rounded including director interviews, board meeting observation and a survey. The more comprehensive Tiers offer expert consultant analysis and feedback that combines information, insight and input captured from the Tier elements selected by the Board into an Executive Summary and optional discussion or workshop.

The value the Board receives increases at each Tier level by providing deeper developmental and effectiveness questions around board work and responsibility that leads to the type of discussion, insight and feedback that raises board effectiveness. Each Tier has associated reports providing information from different angles for greater awareness and understanding. The greater the Tier, the more complete the feedback will be through additional reports that represent different perspectives. Boards engaging in the Board Evaluation process create the opportunity to realize gains in Board functioning, decision-making and overall effectiveness on behalf of the organization and its stakeholders.

Peer Evaluation

The Peer Evaluation is an opportunity for each individual director to increase their effectiveness based on feedback from their peers. The Peer Evaluation is a tool that creates and defines expectations and accountability for each director within a proven and consistent framework. FCCS conducts the Peer Evaluation with sensitivity, integrity, confidentiality and dignity for each individual director, creating a powerful and positive experience that has results for both the director and the full Board.

The value for Boards is in the opportunity our Peer Evaluation provides to each director to leverage their strengths and continue to raise their contribution to the Board as a whole.

We are ready to serve you and your Board.

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