RISK 360 Conference
August 28-30, 2023 Sheraton Grand Seattle Seattle, WA


Session Learning Levels

Level I

Attendee has limited or no prior knowledge or experience or are new to the subject matter. Level I sessions are geared toward attendees who are new to the field and seeking to learn basic concepts or for those seeking cross-discipline training opportunities for executives/tenured attendees who wish to broaden their overall knowledge or their risk management outside their primary role. Level I sessions are intended to help attendees who seek to build foundational knowledge to gain a stronger working understanding of the topic.

Level II

Attendee has a working knowledge of the topic covered but is not yet at an advanced level. Intermediate sessions are geared toward attendees who have competence in the subject under discussion resulting from prior training, education and/or work experience. Attendees who seek to build upon foundational knowledge, refine and better hone their skills, and advance their understanding of the topic may wish to consider Level II sessions.

Level III

Attendee has a high level of technical understanding of the topic under discussion. Level III sessions are geared toward attendees that have already achieved a high degree of technical competence in the subject of discussion resulting from extensive training in the area and supplemental work experience. Attendees, who wish to build upon intermediate knowledge, achieve mastery in a specific technical area, or build upon existing technical skills may wish to consider Level III sessions.

Level ALL

For all career stages. Sessions will be more broad-based, conceptual and/or general in nature. Content may focus on leadership, foundational skill building or general Farm Credit System information.


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