Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Utilize Experts to Facilitate and Advance Governance

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Board Governance Strategic Planning and Facilitation are governance resources uniquely tailored to our client’s specific challenges and these dynamic times.

With decades of service to cooperative management teams and boards of directors, our experienced consultants bring expertise to strategic planning and facilitation. We can assist in creating strategic direction, aligning your culture and business strategy, merger/acquisition/consolidation management and facilitating board and executive management conversations, meetings and objectives.

Strategic Planning Summit hosted by FCCS

We offer Strategic Planning Summit events to inspire innovative thinking as it relates to strategic business planning and market strategies. They involve executive teams and boards of directors, designed exclusively for the participating organizations. The Summit is customized for maximum effectiveness and impact. We connect attendees with outside experts and similar entity organizations to collaborate for successful organizational outcomes.

"FCCS hit a home run with the Summit by arranging for superb speakers and creating a meeting environment that supported positive participant interaction, networking, reflection and most importantly a refreshed strategic mindset."

- Marc Knisely, CEO, United FCS (2013 participant)

"The Summit provided an excellent forum for interaction between board members and management. Program, organization, content and delivery were all outstanding."

- Bob Bahl, CEO, AgCountry (2016 participant)


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