Are you responsible for designing and/or delivering presentations to clients, leaders and decision makers, but not sure where to start? Are you an experienced presenter, yet still struggle with clear content flow and confidence?

Learn the Presentation Pyramid method that will transform how you influence others. You’ll learn simple brain science that focuses on what your audience needs to know to lead them to action. In this comprehensive program you’ll design and deliver an audience-focused message, create compelling visuals and learn techniques to deliver with confidence.

Master the skill of presenting. Deliver presentations that stand out, influence others and boost your career.

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Jeannie Clinkenbeard

Director & Senior Leadership Consultant

    Choose the best format for your team. Our Presentation Transformation Program is delivered by a certified facilitator in both an in person (2 days) or live online (5, two-hour sessions) program. This Program provides an opportunity for leaders to work on a real presentation in a small group setting (limited to 10). Learners will participate in discussions, build a first draft of a presentation and practice critical skills in small groups. Our Presentation Transformation Program also works well as a blended virtual/in person. Let’s discuss what works best for your group.


    For those who design and/or deliver presentations.



    • Watch welcome video
    • Bring a real presentation topic
    • Complete presentation experience questionnaire
    • Additional In-between session work

    Session 1: Put Your Audience First

    • Identify your audience’s current challenges
    • Clarify the action you want them to take

    Session 2: Design Exceptional Content

    • Powerfully land a small number of BIG ideas
    • Focus on what your audience needs to take action

    Session 3: Parachute your Introduction

    • Create an introduction that inspires and connects
    • Close so it’s easy for your audience to say “YES”

    Session 4: Create Compelling Visuals

    • Amplify your message with strong visuals
    • Use contrast and headlines to boost your key ideas

    Session 5: Deliver with Confidence

    • Use your voice to influence
    • Communicate both confidence and empathy

    • Focus on what your audience needs to take action
    • Powerfully land a small number of big ideas
    • Create slides that amplify your message
    • Deliver with both empathy and confidence
    • Presentation Pyramid Planner
    • Audience Profile Checklist
    • Visual Design Book
    • Delivery Checklist

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