Jeff Ton

“One of the things we know about Lewis and Clark through their prolific journaling is how they grew and changed as leaders. Exploring together took them through both physical and personal wildernesses that forged resiliency and reshaped their sense of the possible. There is no question that leaders taking this experiential journey—whether virtually or in person—will look back on the adventure and celebrate their growth.”

Jeff’s 30-plus years of leadership innovation has encompassed the creation of high-performance Information Technology centers, executive guidance of charitable and multimedia organizations, and successful completion of several acquisition integrations. Today, he is a popular keynote speaker, author of the Amplify series on IT leadership and career progression, and an intrepid explorer who counts his decade-long tracing of the Lewis & Clark Trail a key life experience. “What I hear most often from those I’ve guided is, ‘I had no idea I was capable of achieving this or where it would take me.’ Experiential learning is profound. It resonates years later.”

  • Speaker/Author
  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
  • Certifications: Executive Certificate, Management and Leadership:
    MIT Sloan School of Management
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