DiSC for Intact Teams

Increase team awareness and cohesiveness

DiSC for Intact Teams

Is it glaringly obvious that your team members have different work methods, different communication styles and different preferences? Do you sometimes feel that your team members speak different languages? Well in a way they do. Your team is a group of people with different strengths and tendencies, and these different styles make for a stronger team…and can also create challenges. The better your team understands how each team member operates – the quicker you are to work together and trust one another.

It’s time for your team to learn more about each other and how you get work done. In our hands-on, energizing DiSC® for Intact Teams, your team will gain insight about their own style preferences and the team’s culture. We will use both individual and group DiSC® reports to spark discussion to build more productive and effective relationships at work.

Regardless of title or position, department or function this virtual experience teaches participants how to adapt to the style of others – be they colleagues or clients. Whether your goal is to coach, sell, or manage team conflict – understanding DiSC® can help.

For intact teams, new teams, developed teams, expanding teams and teams with new leadership.

Choose the best format for your team. DiSC® for Intact Teams is delivered by our DiSC® certified facilitators in both an in person (1 day) or live online (2, two-hour sessions). Your team will discuss and brainstorm using lively activities and breakout rooms.

We’ll look at your team’s group report to identify your team’s strengths and obstacles. These sessions are energizing and thought provoking.


Learning Objectives:


Part 1: Individual Styles and Self-Awareness

Part 2: Group Culture and Practical Application

Participant Materials

Let’s talk about bringing our DiSC® for Intact Teams Program to your organization. Please contact info@fccsconsulting.com.

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