Getting Things Done

Tools for increasing productivity and reducing stress

Getting Things Done

Do you find yourself constantly busy but rarely productive? Are you or others in your organization struggling to deliver on commitments and often stressed out? Do your employees find themselves buried in meetings and email then find themselves at the end of the day wondering if they accomplished anything at all?

Getting Things Done® (GTD®) Training is for you. GTD® is a personal productivity methodology that redefines how you approach work and life. It helps you manage your workflow, so you get more of the RIGHT things done…with a lot less stress. Participants learn skills to increase focus on the most meaningful work, organize information, prioritize commitments, create mental space, and achieve stress-free productivity. GTD® Training is based on the work of David Allen—inventor of the GTD® methodology and the widely recognized leading expert on personal and organizational productivity.

The training teaches simple skills for creating low stress, high-productivity work and life habits. Some of the program benefits include:

Applied consistently, the GTD® skills help people increase productivity and decrease stress.

For team members and leaders at all levels who want to focus more on their meaningful work, organize their information, and reduce their stress.

Our Getting Things Done® (GTD®) Programs are designed to reach the modern learner with bite-sized learning modules, social learning and ease of access.

Each session is a combination of a live instructor-led virtual session and an eLearning (self-paced) module. Participants will attend the instructor led portion (45-60 minutes), and then complete the online OnDemand portion any time before the next session.

Agenda (each session is 2 hours long: 50% live virtual led instruction and 50% self-paced online learning)

Session 1: Instruction and Capture

Session 2: Clarify

Session 3: Organize

Session 4: Review & Engage

Participant Materials

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