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2018: The Year of Distinction

The unique qualities, abilities, vision and goals of an individual or organization are what distinguishes them from their peers and their competitors. For FCC Services clients, this distinction encompasses the values at the core of the business, and the passion that pushes us all to do what others do, only better. Achieving distinction is about living values and delivering value. If we don’t become distinct, will we become extinct? Read more to learn about FCC Services’ vision for 2018, and how we’ll deliver our services with distinction and provide tools and education to support our clients as they strive to distinguish themselves.

In 2018, FCC Services will continue to work with our clients, on both an individual and organizational level, to create and enhance the distinctions that will lead to success: distinction in their marketplace, with their customers and with their teams and directors. “Our vision this year is focused on really helping individuals and organizations think creatively about developing distinction for their customers and for themselves individually in order for them to succeed,” says Jean Cantey Segal, Chief Learning Officer of Learning and Consulting Services for FCC Services. “We live in an overwhelmingly changing world that’s incredibly fast-paced, and we don’t always know what’s coming at us. Our vision at FCC Services is to help individuals and organizations be successful in navigating all of this change, while distinguishing themselves with their customers and peers, and from their competitors.”

“Our vision for 2018 is really to add distinct value in everything we do, and that starts with a view into how our clients are working to distinguish themselves from their competition,” says Chris Keller, Senior Vice President of Talent and Leadership Development for FCC Services. “Then we can identify how we can best support their efforts, and even help to accelerate their progress.”

FCC Services’ areas of distinction include working with organizations to select their C-level talent, helping clients manage their risk and insurance, develop their next in line leadership and bringing development opportunities to their teams. Our clients, both Farm Credit and agricultural cooperatives, benefit from our decades of experience in leveraging collective energy and connection points and understanding their industry and culture. “What distinguishes FCC Services is the knowledge we have of our clients and their marketplace,” says Larry Lawson, Executive Vice President of Risk Management and Insurance for FCC Services. “We’ve been in this space for over 40 years and we know our clients well. This provides us the distinct capability to serve them in ways that are meaningful for them.”

In this highly competitive time, we need to shift from being a disruptor to being a game changer, improving our efforts, motivating our teams, developing as professionals and aligning our cultures and organizations to truly be distinct. “All of our futures will require creating valuable and distinct skills if we want to thrive,” says Scott Binder, Chief Executive Officer for FCC Services. “Who wants to do the same old thing? We want to help our customers create a distinct value proposition, to help them solve problems with new solutions, applying new ways of thinking.”

Supporting our clients is at the heart of what FCC Services does and who we are – this year, let’s go beyond going off course and start charting it. We look forward to working with your organization in 2018 to make it your Year of Distinction.

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