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Accumulating Knowledge and Skills to Thrive in the New World of Work


Technology is evolving at a faster and faster rate, offering companies unheralded opportunities to access information, streamline processes and improve communication. Accessing the power of these tools to develop our employees and deliver valuable benefits to our clients is a driving force behind a series of FCC Services initiatives that tap into technology to accumulate knowledge and skills.

The 2019 Digital Literacy and Technology Advancements program has charged each FCC Services employee to identify and pursue new or expanded digital skills to help them do their jobs better or more efficiently so that they can bring their best to our clients.

“Improving our digital literacy and working more effectively is critical to our growth and success as a company,” says Scott Binder, FCC Service CEO. “It’s also important for our employees’ growth and advancement in today’s workplace, so we’ve made an investment in helping every single employee, including the executive team, upskill themselves on digital tools that are relevant to their particular roles.”

Some employees, like Scott, are focused on learning leading-edge presentation skills; the Risk Management team is more focused on increasing automation of our processes through Origami [see related Risk Management Corner article]; everyone is capitalizing on the powerful information sharing possible through Workplace [see related System Spotlight article] and Rivers of Information [see related Services Spotlight article].

“Every year more is expected of us in the same amount of time, so the most successful employees and organizations will be those that embrace continuous learning with a focus on the new skills that will be essential in today’s workplace,” says Jean Cantey Segal, Chief Learning Officer of Learning and Consulting Services for FCC Services. “These skills can be enhanced through digital tools like Rivers of Information and new experiences like FreshBiz, which really links to developing an entrepreneurial mindset, another key attribute in the modern business environment. And as our employees develop their skills, they’ll be in a position to bring that value to our clients, as well.”

Technology has driven changes in how we share information, what we’re willing to share, how we communicate and collaborate, and from where we’re able to work. Skills that used to be just desirable in an employee, such as knowing Microsoft Office, are now essential, and what used to be considered “soft skills” are now becoming increasingly important.

“In today’s work environment, skills like communication, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and problem solving are the real differentiators, for both the individual and the organization,” says Stephanie Barton, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Account Management. “The successful future employee will be one who is willing to learn these skills and adapt to different ways of doing business.”

Identifying and capitalizing on available digital tools like Skype, Workplace and Office 365 is facilitating communication and collaboration at FCC Services. It’s also supporting traveling and remote employees, enabling them to work from wherever they are, whether that be at a hotel when visiting with a client or from a permanent home office.

“We really want to lead by example, and as we advise our clients about how critical it is to access current information, learn new skills and capitalize on new tools, we recognized the opportunity to make an organized and concerted effort to enhance all of our digital acumen so we’re more capable today and prepared to evolve,” says Scott. “This is going to become increasingly important for every organization as it works to adapt to a fast changing and ever more competitive business environment.”

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