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Advance Your Career with a Personal Learning Strategy

Forward-thinking professionals at every level can drive their own career progression with a carefully planned and executed Personal Learning Strategy.

An effective Personal Learning Strategy starts with defined goals and an honest selfassessment of what skills, knowledge and abilities need to be developed in order to achieve them. Attainable goals are key in any area that you are hoping to see growth, and Personal Learning Strategies are effective in achieving both professional and personal goals. A comprehensive strategy then considers the conditions, resources and support that will enable you to improve in the designated areas, and includes a timeline with milestones to track your progress.

Getting started on your Personal Learning Strategy can seem overwhelming, so start with just one or two areas to focus on, and be realistic in your aspirations. Deliberate practice is essential to progress, so be prepared to consciously put into practice the things you’re learning at every available opportunity. Especially at the beginning of your journey, an accountability partner can help you establish and maintain good habits.

For long-term success, it’s important to be flexible so be prepared to adjust your goals and your Personal Learning Strategy. Review your strategy regularly to make sure it continues to align with your goals and available resources, and make changes to improve your chances of success. Then get back on track as quickly as possible.

For professional goals, it can be beneficial to involve your manager when creating your Personal Learning Strategy. They can help you refine your goals and your plan, including identifying resources and opportunities to support you in achieving your goals. They may also interface with HR and other advisors to further strengthen your efforts.

For your best chance at success with a Personal Learning Strategy, don’t overcomplicate your approach – keep it simple and know there are specific steps to reaching your goals, and that you can complete each one and achieve success by remaining focused and engaged in your efforts. Enhance your growth by sharing your goals with and asking for accountability from others, and above all remain committed to continual practice of new skills and abilities. Above all, if your enthusiasm wanes, remember the important reason you developed your Personal Learning Strategy in the first place – advancing your career or enhancing your personal life, both eminently worthy goals to pursue.

About the FCCS Consulting Network

The FCCS Consulting Network helps clients move forward, faster. Merging
experienced FCCS Principal Consultants who know the cooperative sector and its
nuances, and Affiliate Consultants selected from a well-vetted, proven group of
outside providers, and onboarded for deeper understanding of the FCCS’ client
base, the Consulting Network offers expertise in areas critical to long-term success
in today’s volatile and uncertain environment: leadership, governance, talent
management, strategy, technology, future trends and mental focus, to name a few.

For one-on-one coaching about creating your own Personal Learning Strategy, or to
explore other Learning Academy courses, contact Michele Padilla at 720-939-7182 or
via email.

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