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Expere Delivers Accurate, Efficient Compliance Documents

As highly regulated as Farm Credit is, it’s no surprise that accurate compliance documentation is essential. Long-time Passkey Partner Wolters Kluwer, long known for its Lien Solutions, offers Expere, a powerful dynamic compliance document system that seamlessly integrates with origination platforms to streamline processes and reduce duplicate data entry. A growing number of Farm Credit organizations, large and small, are selecting Expere to serve their compliance documentation needs.

“Expere produces accurate, compliant loan and deposit documents, and since it’s deeply integrated with origination software providers, it works seamlessly without duplicate data entry, which increases efficiency and reduces the potential for errors,” says Sara Scott, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Compliance Solutions with Wolters Kluwer.

Expere handles document generation for multiple lines of business including mortgage, home equity, consumer, commercial and loss mitigation and mortgage default; each of which incorporates language that meets current regulatory requirements. The Wolters Kluwer legal and compliance staff track both federal and state regulations on an ongoing basis and update documents regularly so clients can be confident of their compliance – confidence that’s backed by the Wolters Kluwer compliance warranty. The documents can also be easily modified during implementation to meet individual client needs, and clients can also opt to include additional, custom documents.

Expere implementation begins with a content analysis to identify specific documentation needs. A dedicated implementation team works closely with clients and also directly with origination software providers to accurately map data fields to ensure complete integration between systems. Workflows are also established to ensure optimal efficiency and consistency, incorporating the best practices embedded in Expere along with any client-driven customization.

“We really strive to become our clients’ compliance partner, working with them every step of the way to implement the right documents with the best workflow. We work hard to build out a deep integration of Expere with the origination solution providers and maintain this integration to ensure continued compliance” says Sara. “The Farm Credit organizations we’ve been working with have appreciated our comprehensive approach to dynamic document integration and our understanding of the nuances of Farm Credit regulation.”

For more information about Expere from Wolters Kluwer, contact Sara Scott at sara.scott@wolterskluwer.com or 320.241.1598.

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