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FCC Services Selects OnBoard Board Management Software

FCC Services is pleased to announce that it has selected OnBoard as a board portal software provider. After extensive testing, it was determined that OnBoard was accessible, intuitive and effective. The implementation of this software will make board meetings more productive – and preparation of board books far simpler.

“We are looking forward to implementing the OnBoard platform in 2020. OnBoard is an incredibly important step forward and will be a huge time-saver. After completing a thorough online demo with great customer support along the way, it is evident that the platform will be incredibly helpful in managing our board documents, and will be much easier for our directors,” said Patty Rogers, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Project Coordinator. “The interactive component will allow our directors and executive staff to engage in real time between meetings, and there is an app for every type of device so materials and information can be easily accessed from anywhere.”

Passageways, the company that engineered and administers OnBoard, is a proud Passkey Partner. Through Passkey, organizations can receive an exclusive discount – and a free trial – on OnBoard. For more information, contact Michael Head at mhead@passageways.com.

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