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Keeping Drivers and Fleets Safe with New Passkey Partner, Samba Safety

Across America, thousands of Farm Credit employees drive organization-owned fleet vehicles, creating an unavoidable risk factor that’s primarily addressed through insurance.

In concert, Passkey Partner Samba Safety offers proactive solutions to avoid driving issues, or to minimize them once they’re identified.

Working with several Farm Credit organizations since 2015, the SambaSafety program is two-fold: driver performance monitoring and online driver training work to address identified problems.

To start, an organization provides SambaSafety with a list of drivers. SambaSafety’s driver monitoring solution then checks the relevant driving records and delivers a report that highlights any issues, which can be as simple as an expired drivers license or as serious as DUIs or excessive speeding tickets. Moving forward, the system delivers a monthly report for these same drivers, detailing any new violations. A color coded system supports objective decisions about specific driver situations. For more chronic issues, the employee can be assigned online coursework offered through SambaSafety.

“We help employers better enforce safety policies and reduce claims, and also help insurers make informed underwriting decisions and background screeners perform accurate, efficient pre-hire checks,” says Nate Caraway, corporate marketing manager for SambaSafety.

Farm Credit organizations receive a 10% discount through Passkey. To learn more, contact Heather Tseng, Passkey Sales and Marketing Director, via email or by calling 303-721-3236.

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