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Mastering 2021 – Align, Accelerate and Grow


After 12 full months of chasing the moving target of sustained business operations amidst chaos and uncertainty, the year 2021 has been greeted with fledgling optimism as a fresh start with the containment of the virus visible on the horizon.

But is your organization ready for the immense accelerated energy of these extraordinary times?

The business world continues to change at an increasingly fast pace, transforming both customer expectations and demands on employees even as it delivers technology that can improve how we do business. Thriving in this new environment requires powerful strategies applied consistently, strategies embodied in FCCS’ 2021 conference theme – Align. Accelerate. Grow. – which is also applied internally to motivate our team and drive our culture.

“FCCS faces many of the same challenges as our clients, so our approach also needs to accommodate the speed and direction of market changes while continuing to build our team and the skills they can bring to bear for both our own organization and for our clients,” says Chad Moller, CEO. “We find that applying a theme – sort of a headline for the year – helps keep everyone focused on the short-term strategy we’ve implemented to support our overall mission.”

Using the theme as a guiding principle, FCCS’ leadership team has identified key initiatives to support company objectives as well as goals for individuals and teams. Content at all of the 2021 events and conferences will also build on the theme, so all efforts and priorities this year will be aligned internally and externally.

“A theme puts a story around the greater purpose of an organization, which can inspire employees about the future of the business, knowing that the tactics are all aligned to a greater purpose,” says Jean Cantey Segal, Chief Learning Officer at FCCS. “FCCS also uses the theme to develop the content and format for our conferences, applying the lens to each audience and their challenges.”

Designing learning and development programs to support a theme emphasizes the strategic importance of organizational focus along a single trajectory. Individuals understand what they need to do and can set learning and development goals also in support of the theme’s key goal, and team leaders understand the behaviors, the skills and the learning that will be needed to grow success and can evaluate performance within that context.

“I would encourage every professional to be thoughtful about where they want their careers to go and then identify learning and development opportunities – even outside what their company is suggesting – that support their personal goals and also align with their organizations goals,” says Lisa Cavanaugh, Vice President of Leadership Development Experiences. “We each own our own development, and there may be skills that we’re interested in that may not be readily apparent to our manager or employer, but that can actually make a fundamental difference to how we show up and perform as professionals.”

At the organizational level, the learning and development program should be focused strategically, rather than pulling together a general catalog of programs. Investment in employee development should yield results, in addition to enhancing skills and abilities. And one of the most important attributes to foster is resiliency in the face of uncertainty.

“We will never be back in a place where problems are simple and we know all we need to,” says Lisa. “As individuals and organizations, we all need to become more comfortable with uncertainty, agile and willing to take risks, and learning and development programs can help foster an environment that will enable sustained growth.”

For more information about FCCS’ learning and development programs, contact Lisa Cavanaugh at 303.721.3270.

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