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New Name for Executive Leadership Group

Strong, effective professional groups deserve names that convey their purpose and value. So it is with Leading the Enterprise, formerly known as the Executive Leadership Incubator.

“The members of Leading the Enterprise are already executive-level professionals, poised to be CEO successors or thrive in another executive position,” says Jay Lux, FCCS Vice President of Leadership and Organizational Development and group facilitator. “The new name reflects the focus on developing an enterprise-wide mindset and expertise, which are essential for any C-level role that carries a broad scope of responsibility.

Leading the Enterprise joins the other leadership journeys available through the FCCS Accelerate Center: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Leaders. Members are typically recommended by their CEO, as a successor designee with the right mindset, drive and interest. There are currently two active Leading the Enterprise groups, one each for Farm Credit and agricultural cooperative leaders.

For more information on Leading the Enterprise, contact Jay Lux at 651.982.4568 or via email.

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