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FCC Services has relocated its Denver-area headquarters to a custom-designed space in the Tuscany Plaza office facility in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The company’s headquarters houses nearly 40 of the organization’s employees. 

To select its new space, an employee committee comprising cross-functional and cross-generational members was tasked with identifying the general area for the new offices, as well as specific features and amenities desired by current employees and designed to attract future employees. Armed with the results of an all-employee survey, the inclusive search process began more than a year ago.

“We used an inclusive process to ensure that our new workspace would meet the needs of our employees and support our corporate culture,” said Scott Binder, CEO of FCC Services. “Our employee team toured multiple facilities, comparing features, locations and amenities, to narrow down the options to just a few for the executive team to consider.” 

The Tuscany Plaza suite that was ultimately selected by the FCC Services’ employee committee spent months undergoing complete renovation, from the addition of wood-clad ceilings to the construction of a central conference room with foldable glass walls to allow for all-office events. Capitalizing on Colorado’s 300+ days of sunshine, the space boasts three walls of large windows, with individual offices primarily located on the interior of the space and cubicle walls solid to only 50” to allow natural light to flow throughout the offices. Multiple casual conversational areas are designed to increase collaboration and innovation.

“Technology has changed the way people work so we consciously designed our new space to accommodate this evolution,” said Binder. “At the same time, we’ve created an environment that promotes productivity and creativity.”  

Tuscany Plaza is situated within walking distance of Denver’s light rail system, key for metro-area commuters, and to restaurants and other retail operations. It also includes a café and fitness center for tenant use.

“The basis for every decision, from selecting the office space itself to configuring and designing it, was satisfying the needs of our current employees and considering the needs of future employees, as well,” said Chad Moller, CFO and COO of FCC Services. 

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