Developing a Personal Learning Strategy for Growth and Advancement

In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Stephanie Barton, VP of Marketing and Communications at FCCS, is joined by Michele Padilla, Director and Senior Leadership Consultant for FCCS and instructor and facilitator for the FCCS Leading Self and Leading Leaders Journeys. Together they discuss personal learning strategies- what they are, why they’re important, and how forward thinking leaders can get started on taking control of their learning today.

“I’m constantly putting what I’m learning into practice in every opportunity that comes my way.” — Michele Padilla

Insights Include:

  • The importance of a personal learning strategy
  • How to get started on an intentional strategy
  • The benefits of getting your manager involved
  • Achieving professional and personal goals
  • Adjusting your goals as needed
  • Best practices for your personal learning strategy
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls

Read the full Show Notes.

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