Farm Credit Employee Engagement Survey 2024

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Human capital is the Farm Credit System's most important asset, arguably as important as your financial capital. Across the Farm Credit System, there is in-depth knowledge and understanding of financial capital: ROA, ROE, growth, net margin, etc. That level of understanding of our human capital, however, can be more challenging to capture.

Individually, most Farm Credit organizations take some kind of measurement of their human capital, commonly in the form of an Employee Engagement Survey. As of today, the Farm Credit System does not collectively gather, analyze, and distribute this data.

Given the size of the System, with roughly 60 organizations and 18,000 employees, getting an overall understanding of vital workforce insights is a challenge, but incredibly important. FCCS is prepared to facilitate a deeper understanding of human capital across the System.This survey data is meant to supplement the individual surveys you are already conducting.

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