Customized Design & Experiential Learning

Personalized Learning Environments and Opportunities

Customized Design & Experiential Learning

Customized Design

Our customized programs provide personalized, high quality training that meet your specific organizational needs.  Our team will assess your professional development needs and build a strategic plan customized for your team or board of directors.  Whether you need to improve efficiency or leadership, enhance your governance development, meet performance goals, increase employee retention or empower employees to make decisions, we can help.  We begin with an unparalleled knowledge of our clients and their dynamic challenges. We then connect with leading-edge experts in the specific area of interest, call upon our own highly skilled consultants and collaborate with the client to ensure the desired outcome.

It’s a powerful, practical option we are uniquely positioned to deliver.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the practice of reflection through active experiences—from shadowing experts to service projects to sea kayaking—to develop one’s skills, insights and knowledge. Being challenged intellectually, creatively and emotionally enables individuals to move further, faster on their leadership path.  We provide in-house, customizable learning opportunities for teams and organizations that are timely and trackable.

For example, walking the rolling fields at Gettysburg entrenches lessons of understanding points of view and recognizing the need to change strategy; approaching the rapids on the Missouri River in Montana where Lewis & Clark were forced to portage their 1,200 pound canoes brings home the importance of strategic planning, teamwork, personal commitment and leadership.

Both the Gettysburg Leadership Experience and Lewis & Clark “Into the Unknown” Experience have delivered these and other lessons through experiential learning activities for many years. Today, they’re joined by other types of experiential learning, including customized programs.

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