Virtual Leadership Playbook

The Virtual Leadership Playbook program enhances the effectiveness of leaders in virtual environments and enables collaboration within and across offices and locations. Designed for managers, supervisors, and individual contributors who influence others to get work done, the program includes five, 90- to 120-minute virtual, instructor led (VILT) modules delivered over 5-10 weeks. There is an optional 6th module, Virtual On-boarding, to help you set up new hires for success.

To increase learning transfer of all the skills, participants will receive hands-on work assignments in between modules. We will keep a running Scoreboard throughout the program to promote task completion and healthy competition.

Module 1: The New “Normal”
Develop a culture for growth in a complex and uncertain world

This first module takes a snapshot of today’s complexity and opportunity. Participants will discuss current mindsets and strong leadership practices in the new context of virtual leadership and collaboration. We’ll focus on a leader’s role to acknowledge the challenging changes AND continue to move the team forward. Participants will build a Polarity Map with action items to bridge the old and new normal.

Module 2: Stronger Connections
Be the connector between individual team members, your whole team and your outer network

The second module addresses creating connections at 3 different levels across constituencies in a virtual environment. Including: direct reports, peers, bosses, clients, and communities. Participants will experience best practices to increase connection in one-on-one meetings AND team meetings. To identify the 3rd level of connections participants will create a network map. This “Outer” level reaches further and expands perspectives and growth of a leader and team.

Module 3: Virtual Collaboration
Facilitate the power of your teams and beyond to problem solve

Complex times call for different types of problem solving and innovation. The third module focuses on creating an ecosystem for collaboration across teams and locations.

In this hands-on meeting simulation, participants will take on different roles and use methods and tools that increase collaboration and problem solving.

Module 4: Driving Results
Use clarity and focus to drive results with a dispersed team

The fourth module focuses on maximizing results in a virtual environment. How does a leader support a culture of continuous improvement during a time of complexity and uncertainty? We’ll look at practical methods that ensure transparency, clarity and accountability for virtual teams.

Module 5: Playbook in Action & Reflection
Create a third way between sameness and change to move your team forward

Module 5 brings together the learnings from the previous modules, allowing participants to revisit their mindsets, polarities, and opportunities to exploit the possibilities that exist within the new normal. Participants will prepare an action plan and commitments for the new normal.

Module 6: Virtual On-Boarding (Optional)
Set your new hires up for success with focus on operational, strategic and social factors

Many associations are in a full hiring mode. We’ll focus on three areas for new hire success: Organizational, Strategic and Social. Participants will create a 30- to 60-day new hire plan that boosts the employee’s industry knowledge AND their sense of belonging…all while working from home. We’ll discuss best practices such as virtual job shadowing and an on-board buddy system.

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