2022 FCCS Conferences

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Future Forward: Direction

Now is the optimal time to reimagine an organization aligned with the new working environment and able to adjust quickly in the future. Learn new strategies to enhance your organizational culture and leadership confidence.

Early Bird Registration: $1,825 (by June 3, 2022)
Full Registration: $2,75 (after June 3, 2022)

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Future Forward: Navigating Risk

Risks taken and not taken have never been under greater scrutiny. Inform your future decision-making by drawing on the knowledge of leading experts and connecting with professional peers.

Early Bird Registration: $1,625 (register by July 23, 2021)
Full Registration: $1,875 (register after July 23, 2021)

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Future Forward: Competitive Focus

Achieving distinction has never been simple, but today’s market forces are making it even more challenging. Here’s your chance to explore emerging strategies, channels and practices.

Early Bird Registration: $1,450 (register by August 26, 2022)
Full Registration: $1,700 (register after August 26, 2022)

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Join us for a powerful joint sales and marketing development opportunity. Together, we will build a collaborative sales and marketing team, culture and strategy for growth.

Developed by a steering committee of top Farm Credit sales leaders and marketing professionals, this program will bring forward business development ideas, processes and best practices. Collaborate, embrace sales habits, rituals and culture to create a new growth path and plan for your organization.

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Future Forward: Foresight

How do you guide an organization that is constantly in motion? Very intentionally and strategically. This far-reaching conference connects you with other leaders and top thinkers to develop a go-forward plan with flexibility.

2023 FCCS Conferences

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Join us for this annual, joint sales and credit meeting for Farm Credit home lending sales and credit professionals. The conference will feature home lending topics on current and future issues, regulations affecting the industry, challenges and solutions to increase sales and compete as a Farm Credit lender. Don't miss this opportunity to understand, establish and take advantage of your strategic advantage with solid sales tactics in consumer home lending sales.

Early Bird Registration: $1,400 (by April 1, 2023)
Full Registration: $1,650 (after April 1, 2023)

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