2021 FCCS Conferences

Powerful Connection and Development Opportunities

2021: Align. Accelerate. Grow.

How do you find your teams and your culture in 2021? Are you embracing the immense accelerated energy of these extraordinary times? Our 2021 conference theme addresses the three levels of action required to do just that with intention and intelligence.

It’s about:

• Aligning your teams. Teams are more effective when people are purpose-driven and aligned around a common mission. Is your team inspired to achieve your vision, understand their goals, and filled with individuals who have the necessary strengths and skills?

Accelerating your development. The future is now. How can you take advantage of the opportunities in front of you to develop yourself and your teams? Are you ready to start a journey of learning and development?

• Growing your knowledge. Much of what we knew has changed or been challenged. How do you need to grow to meet your goals? What do you need to know to be successful now? Is your customer experience on track to grow your organization?


It’s your 2021 guide for reaching that next level of productivity and purpose.

Join us in 2021 to invest now for who you need to be in the future, because the new future is here.

2021 Conferences

Learning Conference – Align Your Acumen
The summit for Farm Credit leadership. Developing leaders, inspiring high-potentials, and enhancing culture.

June 21 - 23, 2021
Virtual Conference

Risk 360 Conference – Accelerate Your Expertise
Gain insight and knowledge into today’s credit, audit, appraisal and risk environment.

August 30 - September 1, 2021
Hyatt Regency
Huntington Beach, CA

The FORUM for Ag Lending – Accelerate Your Yields
The premier conference for Farm Credit ag lending professionals.

October 4 - 6, 2021
Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
Nashville, TN

Director Leadership Conference – Grow Stronger Governance
Designed with intention for Farm Credit System directors and executives.

November 16 - 18, 2021
Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Farm Credit Home Lending Conference


2022 Home Lending Conference
May 10-12, 2022 | Loews Vanderbilt Hotel | Nashville, TN

Developed by a steering committee of your Farm Credit home lending peers, this conference is like no other – specifically and strategically focused on rural home lending sales and credit challenges and opportunities.

Learning Conference


The Learning Conference is in a class of its own. And these times call for nothing less. Leadership at all levels is essential for the organization determined to thrive despite—and even because of—the turmoil of work-culture change.

2021 RISK 360 Conference (formerly the RAAW Conference)

Huntington Beach, CA | August 30-September 1, 2021

The 2021 Risk 360 Conference targets the truth about lending today: new risks call for new knowledge. This annual conference hosted and developed by the Farm Credit System Review, Audit and Appraisal Workgroup (RAAW) is known for providing current industry information, insightful credit environment assessment and valuable networking. Join your Farm Credit System colleagues and risk management experts for exceptional keynotes, hot-topic discussions and highly productive breakout sessions.

2021 Farm Credit Sales Leaders Conference

Newport Beach, CA | September 29-October 1, 2021

Together, we will build a strong sales and marketing team, culture and strategy. Join us for a powerful sales and marketing development opportunity.

2021 FORUM for Ag Lending

Nashville, TN | October 4-6, 2021

The FORUM brings is set to deliver the latest industry news, hot topics, trends worth watching and forward-thinking agricultural lending approaches.

2021 Director Leadership Conference

Ft. Lauderdale, FL | November 16-18, 2021

Directors must have the knowledge and skills to guide their organizations in this rapidly changing lending environment. Join us in Palm Springs for Director Leadership 2020 for insight into the future of governance.


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