Enterprise Risk Management

A Comprehensive Solution to Foreseeable and Unforeseeable Risks.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management is a lot more than safety and insurance. In today’s world, organizations are held accountable to identifying, evaluating, avoiding and effectively managing all the risks that threaten their soundness and well-being. Both boards and management are called upon to make sure not only that the organization thrives, but that it survives both foreseeable and unforeseeable risks.

FCCS can help your organization address this critical function in numerous ways, from assisting you in your already established ERM practice all the way to helping you establish and comprehensive program from scratch.

Existing programs – If your program is up and running, we can provide a variety of services to enhance and complement what you already have in place:

Start-up Programs – Beginning an ERM program can be daunting. Risks pervade all aspects of an organization and working through structures and silos within the organization can seem impossible. With our years of experience managing risk and a collaborative process along side your board and management team, we can help demystify the experience and help you develop a workable solution tailored to your needs. We can help with all or some of the many pieces you’ll need to put into place:

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