Property and Casualty Risk Management

Comprehensive programs. Loss prevention.

Property and Casualty Risk Management

While totally avoiding risk entirely is impossible, being prepared to proactively address it can significantly reduce adverse and costly consequences, while providing peace of mind.

FCCS offers a variety of risk management, insurance programs, claims and loss control solutions to ensure our clients are as prepared as possible. We have deep experience working with clients in a myriad of industries, including financial services firms, agricultural cooperatives, municipalities and educational institutions.

We offer:

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Risk Assessments

FCCS has the ability to conduct a variety of risk management assessments to minimize the adverse effects of losses. We can review all types of financial and operational risks. Examples include contract reviews, operational reviews, fire prevention, unsafe work conditions or practices, fleet management and maintenance, coverage reviews, and hazards related to storage or use of materials and equipment.

Provided below is a sample list of analytical risk activities we perform when assessing risk:

Loss Prevention Program Development and Consulting

To assist clients in reducing losses and better controlling related costs, we can provide our insight and experience in addressing and establishing loss prevention programs. Good loss control programs encompass both the physical and human aspects of managing risk. They should address workplace safety, property conservation and public safety stemming from your premises, operations or vehicles. An effective loss control program addresses more than regulatory compliance. It also includes analyzing potential exposures such as:

Contingency Plan Development and Testing

The proverb ‘he who fails to plan, plans to fail’ is quite applicable when it comes to contingency plan development and testing. A fully developed and tested contingency plan is an essential element of developing, monitoring and analyzing risk management programs.

When establishing contingency plans, an organizing should be asking these questions:

Let us help you develop and test your plan.


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