Captive Insurance and Alternative Risk Management

Reduce risk. Reduce costs.

Captive Insurance and Alternative Risk Management

In recent years, the growth of captive insurance and alternative risk management arrangements has boomed thanks to businesses looking to better manage insurance needs, including cost, coverage, service and capacity. With more than 45 years of experience in captive and alternative risk management experience, we can recommend, market and implement alternative financing arrangements that best fit your needs.

We specialize in group captive insurance companies, single parent captives and pools. Businesses in the same industry, associations, governmental agencies and schools can benefit from one or more of these types of arrangements. This type of structure enables organizations to achieve a higher level of buying power with insurance and reinsurance companies and other risk management service providers by aggregating their risks. Generally, each participating organization is an owner in the captive company or pool which allows them greater control over their risks and the ability to build an asset for the future.

There are many reasons to consider captive insurance or other alternative risk management arrangements, including:

How FCCS can help?

With more than a dozen of professionals with experience developing and managing all aspects of captives and alternative risk management programs, our services include:


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