The FCCS Accelerate Center’s Leading Self supports individual contributors and others interested in personal growth in a program of self-exploration to enlighten and inform your future.

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Leading Self for the Farm Credit System
June 6-8, 2023
September 12-14, 2023

Leading Self for Cooperatives
July 25-27, 2023

This 3-day experiential learning event is designed to develop your strengths and harness their power to meaningfully contribute to your personal success and to the success of your team - develop your personal learning strategy, your self-awareness, and your mindfulness.

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    The self-development and mindsets explored in Leading Self will challenge your comfort zone through influential and impactful activities that will help you develop your personal learning strategy while developing your self‐awareness and mindfulness.

    • Study a critically acclaimed docuseries exploring leadership and teams on Mt. Everest and play an experiential classroom game of climbing the mountain.
    • Create your personal learning strategy to carry your development goals outside the classroom and help guide you to your next career goal in leadership.
    • Enjoy content and format developed and delivered by an expert FCCS team well-versed in adult learning and professional development, enhanced by outside experts and thought leaders, and informed by our clients and two Client Advisory Boards.
    • Individual contributors
    • High potential employees
    • Anyone interested in focusing on self-development

    Day 1: The Strength to Summit

    • Uncover your innate strengths and talents and learn how each strength
      contributes to the success of a team. Create your personal learning strategy
      to continuously develop your strengths in your place of work. Enjoy an
      experiential game of summiting Mt. Everest and the self-development
      that come with the success and failures of traversing difficult and
      challenging scenarios.

    Day 2: Lost in the Woods Excursion

    • Experience a half-day nature walk with leadership lessons and activities like
      building a shelter and other team-oriented survival skills that emphasize your
      individual strengths and contribution of your strengths to a team, plus the
      decisions being made in the moment.

    Day 3: Peak Leadership

    • Wrap up your trek on Mt. Everest by hearing from a guest speaker who has
      scaled some of the world's highest peaks and his experience of self-discovery.
      Reflect on your own self-awareness and how newly found awareness and
      strengths will impact your business.

    This Gallup assessment will identify your innate talents and apply them to your relationships and your work while also addressing them through experiential learning activities and discussion.

    Personal Learning Strategy
    Learn an engaging and effective learning strategy for continuing self-development both inside and outside of the classroom. Progressing in your career means continuous learning of skills, abilities and information. Determine your next learning goal and plot a step-by-step course to achieve it.

    Denver Adventures
    Get “Lost in the Woods” on a half-day nature walk that includes leadership lessons and team activities like building a shelter, which encourage your individual strengths and their contribution to a team, as well as emphasizing critical thinking and decision-making. Enjoy a catered lunch and thorough debrief of your leadership lessons and your experience at a micro brewery in the stunning foothills of Colorado.

    Guest Speaker
    Listen to an experienced, native Himalayan Sherpa about leadership lessons learned on the world’s highest peaks.

    • Interpret how your specific strengths and behaviors impact your work and others’ perceptions of you.
    • Learn how your natural strengths contribute to your success as an individual and valued team member.
    • Develop your personal learning strategy that will carry your self-development past the classroom and impact your future growth.
    • Experience networking and team building through experiential learning activities as if you were climbing Mt. Everest in the harshest of conditions.
    • Recognize your mindfulness of others’ hardships and diverse experiences they bring to a team.

Connects organizations and individuals to exceptional learning and leadership experiences.

One of the most engaging adult learning courses I've ever participated in. They thought outside of the box on this one and it paid off. Loved it!

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