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FCCS Launches Digital Curriculum

Travel and social distancing restrictions have pushed countless personal and business gatherings off the books over the past seven months, including FCCS’s array of educational programs and events. Fortunately, with a digital education strategy already being developed since January, FCCS was in a prime position to quickly deliver a spring webinar series, and a virtual strategic communications program and now to launch a complete digital curriculum to support our clients through the current crisis and beyond. [Please see related Passkey Partner article.]

To support many of these efforts, FCCS has launched an online learning portal, a central location for all of FCCS’ virtual training and development programs. It provides easy access to program materials and allows individuals to track their learning journey and monitor results and progress.

“Our initial complimentary leadership webinars earlier this year were in direct response to Farm Credit clients who were facing an abrupt work from home situation and were looking for insights into leading and working effectively in this new environment,” says Michele Padilla, Director and Senior Leadership Consultant with FCCS. “The curriculum we’ve now launched will support the remote environment longer term, including supporting individual preferences for distance learning even after COVID.”

Leadership Development e-Courses

Far more than simply delivering existing content via a digital platform, the new digital courses have been redesigned to capitalize on technology tools and broken into shorter segments to accommodate at-home learning needs.

“We’ve found that adult learners can maintain engagement despite not being in person, especially when we use tools like breakout rooms, videos and chats,” says Jeannie Clinkenbeard, Director and Senior Leadership Consultant. “And of course everyone is missing the in-person networking opportunities, but we’ve incorporated activities that lend themselves to networking in the digital environment.”

Now offered through Accelerate – the Center for Growth and Success, [Please see related Services Spotlight article.], the digital curriculum will continue to expand, including a virtual version of the Lewis & Clark Experience.

Remote Events

For decades, FCCS’s events have been recognized for timely topics and insightful speakers. Surmounting this year’s remote delivery challenges, we’ve launched three web-event series designed to deliver the same level of insight and excellence as our in-person events.

“When we were forced to cancel our conference series this year, we reviewed our long list of speakers and topics from previous events or planned for next year and identified those who would deliver relevant content effectively over the digital platform,” says Joette Cross, FCCS Vice President of Event Management.

As uncertainty remains about when we’ll be able to safely gather again, FCCS is planning for its 2021 event series. “We’re of course hoping for live events, but we’re also exploring a hybrid approach with both live and virtual delivery as well as preparing for a pivot to a fully digital delivery if needed,” says Joette.

And despite concerns for “Zoom Fatigue,” response to the web-events has been overwhelmingly positive, with by Dan Chase delivering “Abraham Lincoln’s Leadership Legacy” earning 4.9 overall (out of 5) with most of the comments received expressing a wish that the session was longer, including “I’ve never said this about a virtual meeting - but this wasn’t nearly long enough!”


For more information about FCCS’s digital educational offerings, contact Jeannie Clinkenbeard at 303.721.3289 or Michele Padilla at 720.939.7182.

To learn more about remote events, contact Joette Cross at 303.721.3275.

For more information about Accelerate – the Center for Growth and Success, contact Lisa Cavanaugh at 303.721.3270.

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